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News Topics and Disclosure
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015 by Jeff McCann

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News Topics and Disclosure - My RV Training
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015 by Jeff McCann

I trained at the Farsight Institute in SRV beginning in 1997 with Dr. Courtney Brown, this was the Seer program. I will be posting my training session from the seer program for others to apply in their own research. Later I will post the advanced instructor training sessions for public review.

Upon completion of my advanced instructor training at The Farsight Institute I worked with Lynda Cowan at "Angele Flight" training students in remote viewing. After completion of training a team of viewers at Angele Flight I went to work with Prudence Calabrese President of Transdimensional Systems. I was asked to work as a team remote viewer in her contracted RV team named "The Unit", we worked missing children cases, and we also worked classified contracted objectives. During my time working in The Unit I worked on advanced protocol research and development techniques.

I began my RV research as a skeptic, not uncommon for most I suppose. Following my Seer program training in SRV at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta Georgia it was very clear to me remote viewing was a very serious and undeniable human skill that could be perfected and applied in many ways. It is clear undeniable proof that we are all more than our physical bodies. We are advanced spiritual beings with many unknown and untapped skills apparently lost in our current haze of modern civilization.

We all possess the skills needed to remotely sense or view people places and things far removed from your current physical location. A simple example would be driving in your car down the freeway listening to the radio, you remotely sense the driver in a car next to yours looking at you. You can even sense the vibe that person is beaming even though your both traveling in different cars at varying speed down the highway. This is a basic survival instinct; it can be fine-tuned and honed into full blown remote viewing with training and time.

Remote Viewing has no ties to a religion it is not affected by religious influences, during my training and viewing years I have been introduced to people from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds. The down side to learning this skill is being tasked to research a target and being sent to the target to collect data by your monitor and having no idea where they are sending you. You can imagine some tasked targets can be somewhat unsettling or just down right offensive, you are exposed to the emotions and fears of those being viewed at the target so if you're not strong and objective I can see how it would be damaging to some peoples realities and comfort zones.

My primary reason in learning this skill in great detail was to have the ability to research topics that cannot be researched by any other means. I am no longer publicly involved with remote viewing for several private reasons.

J. McCann

For more information you can e-mail me direct at Jeffrey.McCann@gmail.com


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